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Originally Posted by shicobico View Post
You guys need to quiet it down in here. THIS is why we can't have nice guests over. Poor OP. All he wanted was to share some fun and excitement. You guys sobered him right up.

As I was saying OP, welcome to the (sometimes obnoxious) BMW family.
We can't have "Nice guests over"?

It's the E90 and E46 interlopers that are causing this forum to be a battlezone. For reasons unknown, these older BMW owners who supposedly have such vastly superior cars than ours feel the need to invade every thread, tell us how stupid we are, tell us a Cadillac is sportier, tell us we're driving a German Lexus. Why they don't stick to their forums where they can be bathed in the glory of owning an E46 or E90 is beyond me.

When it gets to the point where F30 owners and newbs are feeling intimidated and unwelcome, something has to change.

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