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328i test drive

Just flogged a 328i loaner car. Random thoughts from an E90 owner (shields up!!!):

- Are polarized sunglasses banned in Germany? This car had the Tech Package and the HUD was completely invisible.

- I'm sold on the N20/N26. It pulled plenty hard, the turbo lag was comparable to that of my N54-powered 335i and the long-term MPG average in the computer was 24; pretty darned good considering it was a loaner car that probably has the s*** beaten out of it on a regular basis. My guess is this car would score a solid 5+mpg higher all around compared to my 335i in similar driving conditions.

- The auto-stop/start didn't bug me at all. I reserve the right to change my mind if I were to live with the car longer.

- It leaned over like my 4Runner in turns but I suspect that's because this was a base model and not Sport Line. Definitely needs Sport Line (and optional summer rubber and not the weak sauce Pirelli all-season junk).

- The interior was ho-hum. The quality is NOT higher than that of the E90. All you have to do is knock your fingers against the center console below the shifter and listen to the tinny, hollow sound characteristic of flimsy plastic. The materials are cheaper and there's no question in my mind about this. This particular unit had the "metallic" trim and I'm sure if it had wood trim it would have felt nicer.

- I would totally skip the Technology Package, not only because of the aforementioned polarized sunglasses problem with the HUD but because the placement of the LCD screen on the dashboard made for the perfect resting location for my Android smartphone. The rubberized case on my phone "sticks" to the LCD screen easily, and Android's voice-activated, turn-by-turn Navigation blows away any auto manufacturer's system in terms of ease of use and quality of directions. I suppose that's one good aspect of the mandatory dashboard LCD in the F30.

That is all.
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