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Replacing head gasket on BMW E39 - E60 is relatively easy. All you need is a right set of tools, BMW service manual from Bentley Publisher (around $180) that provides really detailed instructions with images on how to do it right the first time and in some cases BMW special tools. I was quoted $4000 for the head gasket + $2800 for parts, $3000 for the cooling system (water pump failure killed off the radiator and head gasket) and 2-3 days of free time (8hr/ day average). I ended up spending $2100 for the lot....

Here is what happened to me... And according to the info on the web this is a very common problem with BMW E39 and E60.

It only took one occasion after the water pump failure when the car displayed hi temperature warning for the head gasket and cooling system to fail.

Although I was contemplating to get rid of the car after first round of quotes I persisted with the idea of replacing what was required at home using the Bentley publisher manual (really awesome), BMW Camshaft locking and timing tool (really easy to use - purchased online for $400) and some special tools (can get them pretty cheap in just about any hardware store - $200 - $400 - BMW BP Manual will advise of what tools and Tools special code to be used as part of the head gasket replacement.

The car is now running better then ever.... Point of interest - Whilst working on the car I have found three of the head bolts to be snapped. This most probably happen during the original engine assembly at the BMW factory (all aluminum bolts are painted blue at the factory thus proving no prior head gasket repairs have taken place - have bought the car four years ago with 15,000km - I guess Zerman Quality can't always be taken for granted)

One think you should consider replacing is the VANOS valves that can quite easily fail if exposed to higher than normal temperatures, causing all kinds of problems at later stage .. here is something that could be of interest

I know as I had the pleasure to replace Vanos valves twice in less than 30,000KM.

Another think for consideration should be the installation of aftermarket temperature gauge (this should be considered for any E39, E60, regardless if the car experienced any type if cooling problems). The right temperature range for BMW E60 N52 is between 95C to 105C with a maximum of 120C. I'm getting mine done next tuesday for $350 (top of the line product)

Hope this helps...
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