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Angry uh oh!

.. So here's the raw deal. I own a 325i (which I loved until this point). 2 weeks ago I pulled up to a red light, stopped, and when I went to take off there was no movement. It was pretty late at night, and nobody around to help. I put the car in reverse, and with a bit of engine reving, she limped her way so I could at least get into the nearby parking lot. I noticed quite a bit of transmission fluid on the pavement where i was sitting at the light. Got a ride home and waited til the next day to trailer her home. When I popped the hood, I found all hell had broken loose under there. The fan had come apart into 1,000,000 pieces and destroyed a few things: fan shroud, p/s pulley, trans cooler and later found out, the radiator. Purchased all necessary components, pieced her back together and filled her full of fluids again. I noticed that when I started her up, the trans warning indicator was on. Figured it would turn off when i finished topping off the fluid, but it didn't. Decided it was do or die time and took it for a VERY short test drive because it acted like i was pulling 10,000 pounds behind it, she had no gusto! As I turned around to limp, once again, back home, i noticed that I had left a trail of trans fluid from the driveway to my point of turning around. When I was topping the trans off (with the engine running and at operating temp) there were no leaks evident. So I crawled back underneath to see where the fluid was coming from, I found it to be coming from the torque converter area and the fluid is dark red with hints of metallic dust. I'm looking for anyone with advice for me at this point. Love the car, cant really afford a new one. BTW, I'm very capable of performing the repairs necessary so feel free to hit me with all the technical mumbo-jumbo. Thank you in advance for your help!
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