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Originally Posted by wayner44 View Post
I didnt get heated front seats I live in NY. Kicking myself in the ass but what can ya do? My car is going to hit port on the 30th. I assume this is not a port installed option.

Anyway, does anyone know how much this would cost to have the dealer install?

Do they have to order new seats or do they install a heating pad somehow?
Until you actually take delivery of your car, you can walk away without penalty.

You call your dealer in the morning, tell him of your regret, ask him to find your build with heated seats either on a lot somewhere or on another boat enroute to the US.

My friend in California just got his F30, had an issue with delivery (big delay in the LA port, was stuck there for over a month) and told the dealer he was dumping the deal if he didn't do something. They found another car with the same build a couple of hours away and he was in that car in under 24 hours.

Call your dealer, problem solved.

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