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Originally Posted by Nordic_Kat View Post
Wow, BJ. I would have thought you would have sprung for a second set of rims rather than mounting and remounting. How do you ensure your rims don't get unneccessarily damaged with all the tire trade outs?

I seriously would like to know as I am dreading my first tire replacement for fear of careless techs.
The second set of rims + snow tires costs more than flipping them out, and especially since I love the look of my multi-spoke 416's I wouldn't want to spend 4 months on something else. On a 36 month lease that often gets pulled-ahead to 30 months, dealing with a second set of rims in the wrong size or nut pattern doesn't make sense either.

The answer to your question is: Pick a VERY reputable tire shop that handles luxury cars and make sure to impress the manager and the tech with the knowledge that you are VERY picky about wheel damage and will go apesh-t if they screw it up. They'll put their best guy on your car, be patient, and make sure it's perfect.

My guy in NH ran a very small and pricey shop, was well-conditioned to my needs, never had an issue whatsoever. Down here in NJ I found a guy that's very good for my minivan but my BMW dealer is very close by and they have really good cookies and yogurt in the lounge.


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