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Originally Posted by wayner44 View Post
I cant wait for another re-order I can barley wait the remaining 2 weeks before I get the car. I think I will ask my dealer how much for them to be installed.
Did you buy or lease? If you leased don't do it. Anything you add like this has zero residual value which means you pay full price for it and then walk away from it after the 2-3 year lease is up.

You can get heated seats installed but you are talking $1500 or more for them to do it at the dealer, probably more, as the heaters/wiring, etc would all have to be installed. Not worth it.

Did you order with xenons? If not then maybe you should find out how much of a retrofit on those too because that is another 'must have' option on this car.
I don't provide lease/finance advice via personal message, so please don't PM me asking for personal assistance with your lease. My time is valuable as is yours, thanks.
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