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Originally Posted by rickmckee730d View Post
I rang BMW UK , they told me that even though my car has the FOB and PUSH BUTTON START , it will not be affected because it's not between 2007 and 2011, i have asked for written confirmation of this , they did agree to send me written confirmation but as yet i haven't received it. I will call them again if i don't get it.
If they are working on the letter, they are choosing there verbiage carefully. The truth is that a good hacker (think intelligent criminal not slim-jim holding car thief) can take over anything on your car that is fly-by-wire. (Hows that full electric power steering or electronic throttle body sounding now? ). They can backdoor into the ECU in a few different ways, but the most common if the car is in motion is the TPMS sensors via RF. if they can accomplish that while you are sitting in the driver's seat, they can definitely start up the car and drive off when you're not around.

It was said very well in the post a few up, if anyone wants what you have badly enough, they can get it. There will inevitably be a lady/gent looking to hack/break in that possesses equal or greater intelligence/resources than the individual assigned to keeping him/her out. You just want to ensure that your things are more of a pain to get than the person's next to you.

Lets not forget about the speed of technology. We're talking about vehicles which were designed & built one to eight years ago. Think of how far technology has come in that brief period of time. Heck, the iPhone didnt exist in 2007 and "tablet computing" was barely even a phrase in any mainstream sense until 2009/2010. Today, i personally know the parents of at least a dozen three year olds who are more proficient with iPads than many adults.
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