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Originally Posted by need-for-speed View Post
well I re-bleed the system let car run at 2k rpms, ran fine for about 5 minutes just sitting at normal temp, no movement of the thermo gauge then just out of the blue the temp starts to rise and over heating occures, I think it has something to do with the new thermo stat I installed, why would it run fine at times then all of a sudden the temp starts to jump, makes no sense other than the thermo stat assembly failing. and to reply about the brand water pump, yes it is a bosch water pump, stant thermo. ran car the other day on the freeway for about 8 to 10 miles worked fine then out of the blue over heating occured. can't really think it's a bleeding issue still. getting ready to take to a mech. to deal with unless I decide to replace the stat with the old one to see if the problem goes away but what a pain.
Fan Clutch? If you were on the freeway you wouldnt need the fan running but if your car is sitting idling it would overheat. To test that start your car then after it gets up to temperature take a water bottle and see if you can stop the fan moving if so theres your problem
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