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Originally Posted by AK View Post
With an Android smartphone, all you have to do is push the search button and say something like "Navigate to Irvine BMW, Irvine, California". The phone takes care of the rest. This is easier and faster than using any navigation method offered by the Tech Package. Furthermore, you will never need to get a costly map database update at the dealer.

The other Tech Package goodies like Pandora and Bluetooth Audio Streaming don't mean much to me. I've tried using BT streaming before; it sounds like s*** because it uses an aggressive lossy compression algorithm on the audio.

Technical gadgets go obsolete quickly; we trade in our smartphones every year or two for a far improved model. Given the nature of how this works, I'd actually prefer *less* gadgetry in my car because I *don't* trade them in every year like I do my phone. The navigation system in my 335i is so dated that I rarely every use it anymore; I normally use my phone instead. Similarly, there will come a day in the not too distant future where all the stuff in the Technology Package becomes useless as well. Remember all those E38s and E39s from the late '90s that had the integrated analog cell phones and how we laugh when we see them today?

We'll have to agree to disagree on the interior (design and material quality). I do admit that the loaner I drove was a base model (no lines) but it did have leather as a standalone option.

I really *want* to like the F30 because my E90 is getting close to six years old now and I would love to schedule another Euro Delivery but I'm really having a hard time doing so..
HUD: I'm guessing that because it was a loaner you didn't adjust the HUD-specific brightness setting to MAX and thus the visibility issue.

NAV: Siri for BMW + iPhone is coming in a few months (see thread on this board) which does a great job of recognizing "common sense" speech and integrating it into the stock nav (looks likely). Stands to reason the Android version if this "eyes free" protocol will arrive shortly. Consider this as it makes the BMW nav more robust. If you skip the Tech package you not only miss out on current technology but also future iterations.

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