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Originally Posted by MatWiz View Post
Hmm... I just saw the Youtube video with the owner.

Not sure about that Chinese phase. I was there a few times a couple of years ago (company wanted to go there), and every single person behind the counter was from the far east. And the quality of the pastry sucked. None of us finished his/her slice of cake. Seriously???

Then, I was driving through 11th street many times, and automatically looking inside to check it out. After all, I was a regular. It was almost empty many times.

I don't know the story, but maybe the owners took it back. Maybe they took a partner in and then bought him out. Maybe they sold and then re-bought when the other guy lost business. Who knows. But I'm looking at the quote of the blurb and if you look at it with somewhat suspicious eyes.. Let me ask you that: When do you see people say "Continuously Owned & Operated by.."?? Why the emphasis? You'd normally see "Since 1984". Or "Family owned since 1894". But these 2 words, "Continuously" and then "owned AND OPERATED". Why do they feel the need to say "continuously"? I think it's definitely to overcome rumors and impressions shared by people like me, who saw differently. And why adding not only Owned, but And Operated? It is obviously they didn't operate it.

Anyway, hopefully it is back to its core tradition. Maybe they learned a painful lesson. I hope.
Wow... I recall days of having to stand in line around 5pm on a Friday night just to get a tray of canolis. Never ate anything there.. just walked over, picked up our munchies and walked back to my friend's apt. Not surprised the counters would be staffed by people of different nationalities, but places like this pride themselves on being owned/operated by the family for such a long time.

Anyhow, when I think of owned and operated it doesn't account for the worker bees behind the counters. I think of who runs the place, does the baking, manages the books, etc.

I'll be taking the family to NYC this winter. Besides my obligatory meal at Arturo's I'll stop by Veneiro's just to put it to rest in my own mind.
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