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I've owned 2 300zxs...Not too bad if you can get one in good shape. The thing to look for with them is the injectors. Not so expensive to buy, but a PITA to install. I've also had problems with the power steering pump. All in all though, its a great car to drive.

I'd avoid the Del friend had one and it got very poor gas mileage because of the gearing. It was fun to drive, but it felt more cramped than the also tiny 300zx.

I'd also avoid the 3000GT. In the price range you are looking at, the best driver's cars are going to be lightweight with small engines. The 3000GT weighs a ton, and isn't that fast. The parts are more expensive than your other options as well.

Please don't get a mustang. I know its cheap, RWD, has a big engine and is inexpensive to repair. But it's also a Mustang. I know you have better taste than that.

My other friend has an older Prelude Si. That would be a very nice car if you can pick one up in good shape around 5k. Being a Honda, if you are into aftermarket stuff, there's a ton of it out there. The cost and availability of parts is also a plus. (Same goes for the Integra, since it's pretty much a Civic)

My pick out of the cars you listed would be the Miata if you can handle the space constraints. As a driver's car, its a gem. Parts are cheap, they are relatively easy to work on, and it has pretty good aftermarket support.
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