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M550d on order

Looks like my new F11 M550d is being built this week, production status code of 152.

A52 Spacegrey
LCSW Dakota leather, black

Standard options for the Swiss market
1CA CO2 selection what is this?
1CB ACEA what is this
230 EU specific something-or-other
258 Runflat tyres
2PA Locking wheel nuts
302 Alarm
316 Automatic tailgate opening
337 M Sport package
423 Velour footmats
428 Warning triangle and firstaid kit
430 Dimming inner and outer mirrors
488 Lumbar support for front seats
494 Heated front seats
4B9 Brushed aluminium finish
502 Headlight washers
508 Park Distance Control (PDC)
522 Xenon headlights
524 Adaptive cornering headlights
575 Extra 12V sockets
710 M Steering wheel
715 M Aerodynamic package
760 High-gloss Shadow Line
775 Anthracite headliner
8TF Active pedestrian protection

Packaged extras
Comfort package
322 Comfort access

Communication package
609 Navigation system "Professional"
614 Internet
615 BMW Online Information
6NF Music bus for smartphones
6NK Bluetooth and USB device connection
6NR BMW Apps

Optional extras
248 Steering wheel heating
-- it gets cold in Switzerland in the winter time!
2VB Tyre pressure monitor
-- sure, run-flat tyres but feel safer having this
358 Climate comfort windscreen
-- ROI is about 2-3 years in terms of reduced AC
3AG Reversing camera
-- feel its necessary on such a large car
3MC Roofrails high-gloss Shadow Line
-- fits with option 760
417 Mechnical rear-window Sunblinds
-- thought about 761 (tinted rear windows) but just didn't like the look
453 Seat ventilation
-- it gets hot in Switzerland in the summer time!
456 Comfort seats, electric
-- only choice that goes with 453
5AG Lane-change warning
-- feel its necessary on such a large car
5DF Active stop-and-go cruise control
-- we will have to see if this was a useful addition or not
5DL Surround View
-- easier parking - had to have it
610 Head-up Display
-- oh yes!
676 HiFi speaker system
-- minor upgrade
6WB Multifunctional instrument display
-- oh yes!
8TH Speed Limit Info
-- and oh yes!

Thought about but didn't go for it
2N9 - 20" wheels
-- expensive (but pretty)
2VA - adaptive drive
-- a fair chunk of extra cash - didn't see the value
319 - universal remote control for garage doors etc
-- didn't see the point really
320 - No model inscription
-- so I'm buying a M550d and no one gets to see what a pimp ride it is ? C'mon!
323 - soft-close doors
-- gimmick
3AC - towbar
-- didn't need it
402 - sunroof
-- didn't see the point - in previous cars i've never really used a sunroof all that much
418 - luggage space organising kit thingy
-- didn't see much of a point - maybe i'll regret that one
441 - smoker ashtray
-- no one is smoking in this car!
455 - massage seats
-- might have been tempted if it was cheaper
496 - heated rear seats
-- i didn't have heated seats when i was a kid, so there.
4M8 - rear reading lights
-- wouldn't often use
4U1 - ceramic iDrive knob
-- what's this good for?
4UY - snowboard bag
-- got one already
536 - "Standheizung"
-- not for what it costs...
5AC - high-beam assistant
-- would hardly use it. anyway, I can do that myself!
5AD - lane-departure warning
-- if you need this, then you shouldn't be driving
5AL - active protection
-- donno what this would be good for
601 - TV
-- wouldn't use it
654 - DAB+ tuner
-- thought about it - can always retrofit if need be
696 - DVD changer
-- wouldn't use it - music etc will be on our phones mostly. or on the builtin hard drive
6FH - rear entertainment system
-- a couple of iPads would be cheaper
6UK - night vision
-- seems a bit of a gimmick
761 - tinted rear windows
-- didn't like the look, went for the blinds instead
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