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Most people that bash the F30 say they don't like the swiss army knife utility of the car because it's doesn't excel at any 1 particular property. IMHO, that's what's great about the F30 because it's top 3 in all the important parameters and shows so much potential in customizing the important parameters the owner wants. On top of the utility of the car, they also managed to improve the gas mileage by 20-30% over the previous model with the 328i line, which is awesome compared to the E46 & E9x equivalents.

1) If the suspension is too soft and not responsive enough; especially for agressive driving= remove DHP and get the BMW M Performance suspension + Sport/M-Sport anti-roll bars if you don't already have the trim.
2) If the auto start/stop annoys you= Have the dealer to program it off all the time.
3) The suspension isn't refined enough for a DD= get the DHP with both the adaptive suspension and variable steering; adds tons of refinement that the sport/m-sport doesn't have and improves upon the base, modern and luxury lines. Also essential for the awd models as they don't get the sport/m-sport lines.
4) Brakes on the 328i is not strong enough= upgrade to the BMW M Performance brakes; which adds 4 pots in the front and larger 1 pot in the rear.
5) The 8AT isn't responsive or good enough like the manual or the has too many gears= Get the 6MT
6) Eco Pro is a dog= Switch on the fly to comfort or sport/sport+
7) The tires grip are not enough= Upgrade to non-RFT tires, such as the Micheline PSS or PS2s for summer and PS2 A/S for all season.
8) Car costs too much= get a base model
9) Car doesn't have enough power= get the 335i or get a 328i with the BMS chip tune.
10) Car rolls too much= Upgrade to the Sport/M-Sport anti-roll bars if you have a base/modern/luxury line.
11) It's too heavy and large = Get the 1 series or wait for the 2 when it comes out.
12) I4T doesn't have a linear response compared to the I6= requires a bit of tuning but getting a modified twin-scroll (this was the best response to counter turbo lag) turbo using a smaller impeller for the initial stage then progressively larger with the final stage will resolve the linear feel, add in properly matched cams towards the transition point when the turbo runs out of air allowing the engine to breath more till redline will provide a linear and sustainable powerband from 1500rpms to redline (similar to the I6 power band in the older E46 & E9x engines). This will require $$$, a customized dyno tuned programmable ECU and map but it can be done.

Yes, BJ, not all E46 owners bash this forum. We do offer helpful and useful banter; objective of course

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