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Helping out a nephew-95 740i


It's hard for me to believe that my nephew is old enough to be driving his father's 1995 740, but he is. He bought the car CPO'd in 1997 or so. It was his daily for about 5 or 6 years and then they just sort of kept it bc of how nice it rides and the age of their kids. Now, it has about 130k on it. It's seen better days, but I drove it for a couple thousand miles last year on an extended visit and just loved it.

It needs some work.

Most notably, the driver's seat switch, front and rear lighters, and rear tails. I have heard of a less expensive part/repair process for the driver's seat on an E39 and wonder if there is any insight here.

I have seen EBAY tail light LED's and am quite wary that they look great in pictures but don't work well/not very bright in reality. Not sure of any LCM/check control procedures on the E38, but I can't imagine that they're much different from an E39. ie- what about error codes on the LED's. I have seen other tails that I like that look newer but work off of traditional (and brighter) tails. Any suggestions on the best upgrade and repair for this are welcome. I'll do the sand paper contacts trick, but what he really wants is tails that look newer and work as well/as bright as OE.

Somewhere around 8 years ago, 'soda' was spilled from the front cup holders. Neither lighter/power source has worked since. Your ideas where to start are welcome.

I am sure that other things- like wheel bearings and other suspension components are in need of refresh though the thing tracks as straight as ever without a bump, knock, or rattle from underneath.

You advice to help a brand new Bimmer gnurd into the mix is welcome.
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