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Originally Posted by fullthrottle540 View Post
I have a good buddy whose highest level of education is our local public high school.... he surely can't spell words like SAIL (heck - he can't even spell my name "Adam") but he builds/maintains/restores cars like you wouldn't believe, you would be lucky to purchase a car off this dude, or to have him work on your car. Dude is an automotive genius.

Just sayin, english skills don't exactly correlate with car skills.
You don't see a lot of genius's that can't spell Adam unless he is a savant

When you are buying a used car you are also buying the person who owned it last. No offense to your friend but I do community service in Springfield public schools inner city. 3rd graders know the difference between sail and sale. I can understand if its -its and it's or their,there and they're, you're and your. But sale is used on tv 5 million times a day. Obviously unless you know the person you're buying a car off of you don't know exactly how it was cared for. A used BMW can be a money pit if you buy the wrong one. I had 3 silver 01 540i6 I was looking at when I was buying my BMW. What I took in consideration was how well spoken, why are they selling it? Is it because they realized the car was going to need a lot of work or because they want to buy another newer BMW because they had a good experience with their car. Your friend if he really wanted to sell his car would probably write up a long detailed ad. It just made me laugh hard.

I should make an ad.

"Sailing mi BMW gr8 are"
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