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Originally Posted by dominoaz View Post
Maybe I'm just too enamored with the BMW six and it's long and glorius history, but I just can't get past a $60K BMW 5-series with four cylinders. On top of that, the horsepower is miserly. Little Korean crossovers offer 280 turbo HP. My gearhead friends would laugh me out of the group if I showed up with a I-four Fiver. While there is no accounting for what the public will accept, I personally feel that BMW is killing off a significant portion of its buyers. When combined with continued threats in build quality and performance from other, far less expensive competitors, BMW really needs to watch its back. I'm on my sixth BMW, but my eyes are starting to stray...
I don't think they've eliminated a large portion of their buying population at all. The majority of 528 buyers tend to be non-gearheads who couldn't tell you what was under the hood (not all, no offense to those 528 owners here but you know for every one of you there's 20 grandmas out there). The car improves economy while maintaining equal or better performance, and since it is a 4, it can be shared across more cars as BMW expands their lower tier lineup.

Overall, good job by BMW.

There are still 2 other engines to buy. Only Audi can say that in this segment, and to get the V8 you need to step up to an "S".
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