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Originally Posted by unrealii View Post
Thanks for the input. I am well aware of that. Technically I'm still in gear. I always do this incase the engine should stop (very unlikely) but since the brakes are powered off the engine, I was always in a gear whether engaged or not for safety reasons except when stopped.
Sorry, but no. You are not "technically" in gear if you have the clutch in. Additionally, if you are coasting by holding down the clutch you are also putting unnecessary wear on the throw-out bearing. This is why it is universally suggested that you put the car in neutral and release the clutch when stopped at a light.

Also, brakes are not "powered off the engine". Brakes are a mechanical device with hydraulic assist. The hydraulic pump used in the brake system is powered by the engine. If your engine dies you can still stop, although it will be a lot harder to press the brake pedal.

ETA: the above poster beat me to it, apparently on both counts!
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