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Update. No change. I have replaced ALL Dex 6 with Castrol Import Multi Vehicle ATF. No change. Car still drives like crap. By that I mean a sluggish, non responsive throttle in other words loss of power. Transmission feels like it's shifting OK, nothing abnormal, no hesitation, no shutter, no slipping. I do not know what to do next. Change ATF to another brand? Change filter again? At this point I'm not sure if it's transmission (torque converter) related or not. No codes when scanned with INPA and Pa soft BMW scanner. Nothing. I just do not like to start throwing parts at it. So right now I'm doing nothing. But it's driving me crazy. All I know it all started after I changed the ATF with Castrol Dex6.
Drive it like you hate it and add 1/2 qt of B&M trick shift.

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now, go burn your Man Card, and buy yourself a Camry....
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