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Originally Posted by jvr826 View Post
This comes up a lot. Did the shop weigh down the car before doing the alignment? If they didn't, it will be near impossible to get an "in-spec" alignment on paper. It doesn't mean it's wrong however.

Here's the thing... front camber is fixed. There is a pin in the shock tower/strut assembly that prevents any adjustment. Without weight in the car you will not see a "perfect" alignment on paper. One other factor that can contribute to camber settings up front is shock tower mushrooming. You can surf the forum and WIKI for info on these things... lots of discussion.

In my experience, that small amount of negative camber has less impact on tire wear than too much toe. Toe is more important to tire wear.
+1 but it does seem a little low at -0.5. Don't forget you avg the front left and right to get the total camber -0.8 + -0.5/2= -0.65 avg camber.

You can probably get more but will require the alignment shop to know what to do.

I finally found my specs after rummaging through my emails. Ran less camber in the rear and more in the front to allow for a more neutral rotation countering the staggered setups understeer. Important note: If you run that much negative camber up front, you will be wearing out the tires faster on the inner edge; however not as fast as 6k miles like Smolck pointed out. Mine lasted about 20k miles.

Staggered set E46 ZHP- 225/40/18x8 Fronts, 255/35/18x8.5 Rears on PS2s all around.

-1.5 front camber
-1.1 rear camber

0" front total toe
1/8" rear total toe

Hope this helps

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