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BMW Star in MoneySupermarket Car of the Year Competition
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BMW F30 starts in Car of the Year Competition

BMW may not have picked up the overall honour of producing the ‘ Car of the Year’, but they were the outright stars of the competition; picking up more points from the judges than any other manufacturer.
This was the first time that have run this competition, with the company asking some of the most respected motoring experts on the internet to vote for their top ten best cars of the past 12 months. Each nomination was awarded points, with ten points being handed to the car in 1st place and 1 point to the car in 10th.
Volkswagen’s new UP! model was the overall winner of the competition, a win which it shares with the Seat mii and Skoda Citigo which both use the same chassis and engine combination. However, it was an incredibly close competition with the BMW 3-Series missing out on outright victory by just two points. The 3rd place Range Rover Evoque was a further 26 points adrift in a distant 3rd.

Bimmerfest was delighted to be one of the judges on the competition, and actually included the BMW 3-series in its nominations commenting that it set a new standard for sport sedans. This was an opinion which was shared widely amongst the judges, even those who are not overly supportive of BMW. Many commented on the superior build quality of the 3-series, with describing it as completely “faultless”. The 320d also proved to be popular judges thanks to its Efficient Dynamics technology which has significantly improved its fuel economy. This seemed to be a very significant factor which was taken into consideration by judges as fuel prices continue to rise.
Two other BMW models featured in the top 20, with the BMW 1 series just missing out on the top 10 in 11th place and the ever popular BMW M5 in 18th. This all helped make BMW the most popular manufacturer overall and undoubtedly points to a prosperous 2013 for the brand.

The popularity of BMW cars and the outright victory of the VW UP! helped ensure that Germany was the most successful nation overall; with German manufacturers racking up more than double the number of points of Japanese manufacturers.

Image source: MoneySupermarket Car Insurance
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