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Consumer Reports

And you in fact did read my post, (or actually didn't read it) the wrong way, so that at least you come by your screen name honestly.

I don't believe that I am entitled to "more free stuff," but wonder why you seem to think it makes sense to include an item (costing $10 for BMW to obtain, as I am informed by another poster) in the same line or series of vehicle but at or in a lower or lesser model, and not in the more expensive one. But, then, I guess it's just my sense of entitlement that has me confused.

It would appear that the airlines also need your help with their mileage plans, and their more loyal or frequent passengers have also missed the point. They clearly need your guidance and wisdom, and, above all, your off-point snide commentary, inasmuch as they are gearing their passenger status configurations to dollars spent, which you apparently feel makes such status flyers somehow elitist, undeserving and unworthy of the benefits of their continued patronage.

But, not unlike BMW's representative's response when I asked her if she thought that a TV should not come with a remote, "We're talking about a car, not a TV," you no doubt will, in similar vein, respond, "We're talking about acknowledgement of loyalty to a car brand, not to an airline."

Remind you of anything I said? Yep, the fact that I have, in fact, purchased several of their products, though clearly not as many as several on this site, not that that matters. It just seems to me that that loyalty should indeed be rewarded, and, if that makes me guilty of the "sin" of entitlement in your eyes, knock yourself out, trust me, amigo...I can handle it.

You have totally missed the point, as, to me, it is a simple matter of BMW having made a business decision as to the up front cost of $10, assuming that that cost is accurate, as opposed to my purchasing a different brand and/or someone doing the same after learning of my experience with BMW at the cost of tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars.


It's all about the manufacturer being appreciative of the purchaser as a customer and its interest in what its brand stands for and wants to be. Those who demonstrate that they do seem to prosper. Those who don't often take a hit to their brand, whether on Yelp, Bimmerfest, or what have you.

You have taken far more of my time than you deserve. You are entitled to your opinion, including that of me. As stated above, it and you could not possibly be more inconsequential.


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