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Originally Posted by Dathaeus View Post
Thanks guys! Makes me feel a lot better.. will have to take it to my lifetime free alignment at Firestone since I just got new tires but nice to know.

Should I actually take the #'s above and take it to them? I wouldnt be surprised if they were not familiar with a ZHP's specs. I hope they dont do a bad job but I have been going to them for like the last 10 years. They always give me a computer report when I ask for
it etc... (P.S. I have 17" BBS, not sure if that matters)
If you are running a square setup (both the front and rear 17" BBS wheels have the same spec. EG: 17x7.5.) Then, DO NOT use my alignment setup as it's for a staggered wheel set. You may want to have them figure out the correct numbers by describing you want a neutral non-understeer biased alignment. If they know what they are doing then they should be able to give you some numbers for your car; if not I would go with the stock settings.

Originally Posted by QAfred View Post
According to the Hunter machine at the Firestone shop I just went to, the front camber spec on my 01 330ci is:
Front = -0.4 to -1.1
Rear = -1.8 to -2.3
I also thought that was a lot of camber but tech stated it was toe that impacts tire wear and not so much the camber?

Also, does anyone ballast their car prior to alignment? Car requires 497 Lbs of ballast (150 lbs in each front seat, 150 in the middle of rear and 47Lbs in the trunk) oh, and don't forget, the fuel tank should be full too....prior to alignment and according to spec and Hunter machine in order to have an accurate alignment, at normal riding conditions, car needs to have ballast installed.

Reference page 34 for loading instructions.
As JVR mentioned, really depends how good your alignment shop is. I believe the place we go to has lots of experience with other similar cars and ballast weights so he probably uses his database to figure out what works best on what the customer wants.

Toe on a stock setup; however, if you exceed the stock settings for camber, then camber absolutely affects tire wear.
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