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Question Where to start?

Just purchased a 1995 525i, 160k miles. Will post pictures tomorrow. In good shape and, as far as I'm aware, not in any need of major repair or maintenance in the immediate future, so I figured I'd get suggestions on what to start doin' with it. Not looking to mod. Noob question first: what's a decent RPM to shift at? I've never driven this car so I'm not sure what to expect performance wise, but it seems a little sluggish accelerating. I expected a slow "off the line" acceleration, but I'm thinking maybe it's a little TOO slow. Up until 2000- 2500 rpms in first gear it's hardly accelerating. But then again I'm used to a slightly faster, more performance oriented car ( 1998 Prelude ) so I might be spoiled. Before I ask for noob advice, I shall have a disclaimer! I'm pretty damn new to cars. I know a tad bit, but not much mechanical wise. I want to give this car tons of TLC though, so let's hear some advice! I lost my license for a good bit for "street racing" and my first and only other car I've owned was neglected and abused by my reckless teenager self. So, let's pretend I've never had a car before and must be explained proper maintenance and things to look out for. Tell me about how oil needs to be changed every 3k miles and if that little needle that tells me how hot my engine is goes too high I should pull over But in all seriousness, tell me how often I should be replacing coolant, how often I need to get my tires rotated, what a tune up consists of and how often I should do that, and any other basic maintenance and things I should know about my car ! And, yes, I've read all the stickys Thanks for the help guys!
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