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Thumbs down Fuel pumps

After recovering from the shock, I decided to see why the car made so little power.
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By the way, you can guess which sticker is going to go

Whilst checking for fuel pressure I realised that the in-tank pump loooked like it could be a OEM whilst the frame mounted unit shouted CHINA at me
The in tank unit gave me 1L in 22.06 seconds with a pressure head of 450 kpa, whilst the frame unit gave 19.35 L/sec @ 570 kpa.
Wrong ! So I am just using the in-tank pump for further testing. Sadly it immediately looses all pressure when not running. I will have to see whether it has a jammed or adjustable return valve or whether I can get a temporarily in-line one ?
The Pressure regulator works well at 2.5 Bar & immediately responding when blipping the throttle.
I will order the stock HVLP pump for the tank and a HPLV frame unit, as I might have to run two HP pumps should I want to go turbo. But this takes months to get here

Before I could star testing the VAF on Monday the clutch gave in on me
When I enquired yesterday about the rebuild kit I ordered, I was advised "we have been waiting for it for 2 weeks already" Africa !

This gives me time to get my next order for FEBI ready...
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