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I would have ordered 2VA personally. Also not sure what the difference between 5AG and 5AD is. Pretty much agree with everything else, great choices.
I was humming and hawwing about 2VA, and I guess when the dealer said that only 10% of F11 orders have it in, I figured that I'd join the 90% who wouldn't be unhappy with not having it. I did end up spending more (half the amount that 2VA would have cost) on 5DF, which was one of the extras I added in after I did the original order in October.

And thankyou - hope I'm happy with the choices too! Pics coming at the end of January when I take delivery.

Originally Posted by Needsdecaf View Post
Lane departure warning vs. Blind spot assist. One yells if you veer out of your lane without signaling, in case you are sleeping or not paying attention. The other yells if you signal and someone is in your blind spot.

I have both, always use blind spot, never use LDW.
Good to hear! I figured that the blind spot detection would really come in handy... and I could see myself just leaving LDW off rather than having the car yell at me in the situations where I don't use the indicators... in the situation that there's absolutely no one near me I quite often don't bother. Bad habit perhaps... (-;

Having just moved from Singapore, where no one can drive in a straight line to save their lives, I would make 5AD mandatory for all cars, and make it permanently enabled! And for almost the price of a new M550d, I was rumbling around in a 3-year old 1.8 Audi A3 - truly amazing how expensive cars are in that country.
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