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This is a thread designed for pointing people to who have unexplained (as yet) overheating.

To that end, this post today (from yet another why-am-I-overheating thread) is a diagnostic jewel:
a) Either air isn't moving ...
b) Or water isn't moving ...
c) Or air has replaced water.

Originally Posted by hh3uunp View Post
There are a few reasons why he would over heat.

1. There isn't any air moving throw the radiator
2. Coolant is leaking out somewhere AKA head gasket
3. Coolant isn't moving AKA waterpump impellers

I suggest that you test the fan clutch first then the oil for coolant. OP it takes 2 seconds to do these tasks. Try them and get back to us
Please read the suggested threads, where the best always add value to those threads, either by pictures or by descriptions, so the next person with the same problem stands on your shoulders.
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