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Tried to open your link to the PDF chart and couldn't. For all go to Scroll to page 24. You'll find what your looking for there. Additional info. when replacing the d-g drum. After reading several threads I guess finding o rings for the piston plate in the D&G clutch pack is trouble. My understanding is you have to buy a base line rebuild kit. They run about $230-$250. Now I know you can buy a D-G drum for about $110 on the low end. Then you have to start piece mealing every together. When I talk to Lory transmissions (Miami, Fl.) they quoted a price of $230, upon reluctance to purchase, they came down to $195 for just the drum. I still wanted the o rings. After talking with Scott and explaining my tranny wasn't blown nor did I have any fault codes and my objective was to just replace the D-G drum this was the offer. A D-G drum kit which I had never heard of for $250 plus shipping. I took it. When the package arrived this is what I got; steels for the D-G drum assemblies, orings for the D-G clutch packs, the up graded D-G drum, a forward seal, o rings for the forward pump housing, a filter and pan gasket. Granted some of this I won't use (clutch pack steels including snap rings), but over all I think it was a pretty good deal. Lory didn't have the valve body ZF
part number 1060 327 138 it's coming from CTSC in Calif. FYI; CTSC will not talk to you on the phone or discuss transmission problems. CTSC is email only and that is strictly limited to buying parts. They won't help you looking up a part number or anything else. It's like this, fill out the order form to include part numbers, and give m your credit card number. That's it! Do not pass go,do not collect $200, go directly to jail. That's it. They do have a return policy but for the most part know what your buying before pulling up the order form. But hey this valve body every where else is like $250 or more. I got it for $140 plus shipping. For that price go ahead and slam the door in my face, who cares.
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