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@540i man.
I had my car go in for an alignment check. After which I noticed the Abs and traction light came alight.
As it turns out one of my Abs speed sensors was bad, so I had this replaced. However after this replacement, the light goes off as it normally should, when you start the vehicle.
But when I drive and step on the brake, there is a (pulsing) vibration coming from the brake pedals along with a transmitting sound as if the brake rotors were dented or damaged which is not the case.
However at speed up to 60kmph traction and Abs come alight again, and thereafter, all the vibrations and noises stop when I apply the brake. Everything seems normal when the traction and ABS lights are on. (but this is an indication that the ABS is not working). Any ideas or do I need to do a fault reset ?

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