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E65 mystery faults, please help.

Hello, first time poster long time lurker.

I'll get to the point, recently I traded in my 2004 E46 318Ci M sport convertible to take my first leap into 7 series ownership. I couldn't be happier and thought I had found a bargain in a 2005 740i Sport with 61k on the clocks. It has a full service history but not all BMW.

I bought it in a private sale but as I drove it home i got stuck in rush hour traffic and noticed it puffing blue smoke badly. Trying to get my 3 series back I was told it was sold within 2 days and they would not contribute anything to repairs.

Took it to my local BMW dealer for a health check and was told that it was indeed burning oil somewhere and they would start with replacing filters on top of the engine that could wear and split. They wanted 423 for this job with the parts at 24 as a kit.

I decided to take it to an independent for a second opinion and replaced the 'breather' which stopped the heavy smoke in traffic down to a small puff when resting at idle for a couple of minutes. Immediately after the work was done on the drive home the Engine Management light came on; after being taken back the fault code was "29E7 Fuel Mixture Adaptation, idling, per time unit" SAE diagnostic Trouble code P2187 but doesn't flag it up as a fault on the computer inside the car.

Shortly after this though the computer flagged up the Oil Level at Minimum warning sign despite me topping it to full when I got it; this meant that it had consumed 1litre in approx 1500 miles of driving.

Researching these forums I took the next steps as a potential air flow issue and smoke tested it at a Second independent garage who carried out the original BMW recommendation of filters on the engine and a gasket seal somewhere in the exhaust with genuine parts.

However, after 40 miles of driving the EML keeps returning; I am currently monitoring oil consumption again but noticed that on my motorway runs in which I could get above book values in my 3 I am nowhere near in the 7 despite them being nearly the same age; Book says 34.4 and comp says 29 on a motorway run.

My question therefore is this. Does this sound like a genuine fuel mixture fault or could it be leaning towards the other end of the scale which I have read on this forum as a potential Valve Stem Seal replacement job? Has anyone heard of this happening before? And can anyone help?

I'll be honest here and say that I am actually only 22 and had heard so many praises over the 7 and the N62 engine I have invested in that I was so looking forward to owning one. I can't express how upset I am that this beautiful machine has been so mistreated to the point that I don't know what to do. I have a very small knowledge of practical mechanics so am having to depend on garages to do the work.

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