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Thanks for the response, which was, for the most part, more civil than your earlier one, apart from the infantile idiotic drivel about "pouty faces and stamping feet" you seem to be unable to stop yourself from spouting, while attempting to lay it at my feet. Sorry, but it's, "Return to Sender."

You are off point in that I don't expect BMW to provide me with the connector I need, but, rather, a connector, as it does in the X28i, which is, again, as you don't seem to get it, a lower priced model in the same series. Why not simply provide it in both models, or neither? If you bought a new three-bedroom house that was identical in every way to a new two-bedroom home next door at the same time in the same community, same view, etc., and the two-bedroom, which costs less, came with a swimming pool while the three-bedroom did not...oh, never mind. I give up.

You are also incorrect in your rather odd assumption, based on nothing, that I somehow demand or expect that BMW match Apple's every new iteration, and must give me a new part each and every time it releases a new iPod or whatever. You and you alone have somehow decided that that is my position or expectation. Nope...sorry, Chuckles. It ain't.

Regardless of your experience with connectors, and/or that of others, which I hope you can understand doesn't help me, my standard connector did not work in my vehicle, after which the chief parts tech at my dealership tried mine and a second one (after the service tech confirmed that it wasn't working), and confirmed that the standard connectors didn't work, and told me that I had to purchase a Y-connector at around $100 (a $10 part, remember), which I did. It worked. Oh, well.

I also purchased the newer pin connector from Apple, so it's not about the dollars.

And I see nothing wrong with a vendor or manufacturer taking brand loyalty into consideration, or a long-term customer or client expecting that his or her patronage is appreciated and indeed rewarded. Your position would suggest that expectation of consideration based upon repeat patronage somehow smacks of elitism or entitlement, and that my having spent over $250,000 not only can but should be disregarded. However, even if it can or should be doesn't answer the question of why the connector isn't provided in the first place (in the X35i). It still doesn't make sense to me.

No two people are alike, and I would note that when I feel that something is not right, I am prone to speak up and act accordingly, regardless of whether you or others agree or whether my actions impact upon the world as we know or see it. Of course they don't. You are of course free to disagree and think less of me (if that is possible from your exalted position on high), and even continue to mock me (instead of yourself), as that seems to suit you, as you appear to have a rather deep-rooted, no doubt inadequacy-driven need to do so in a vain effort to compensate and make it "awww bettuw," as it were. Absent that, you would simply keep your views re me to yourself, rather than showing everyone your (as well as that you're an) ass by persisting and perseverating in and by doing so.

Why not just let it go? I'm so sick of you and your smugness that I'm willing to admit that you're right and I'm totally wrong, which is no doubt your norm in beating others into submission out of sheer exhaustion and unwillingness to suffer your presence any longer. Your wife (or ex) and therapist have told you the same, but, then, you know that truth without being told.

There, poochie-kins! You win! Yaay! All better now?



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