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Originally Posted by AdamG13 View Post
I'll post the estimate later on once I get it. Maybe it'll be useful down the line to someone. Door well is kinda bent out of shape and they said it'll go on some frame straightening machine after they heat it up! Definitely not the kind of crap I'd want done to a car I own, but I can deal with it for the year left on my lease unless I really notice some kind of different driving dynamic from the whole process. On the plus side, this car barely moved when it was hit and didn't even leave the lane. Really didn't even make that much of a sound inside the cabin. Part of this could have been attributed to the volume at which 2 Chainz was playing.
Leasing definitely has its benefits but its not always the best for every situation, i.e. if you're going to keep it for 5 years, do some mods, or put lots of miles on it. Mine does happen to be under my business and results in a bigger write off than if I owned it. The depreciation method on business vehicles has an annual limit that can get in the way of expensing luxury vehicles, whereas with a lease you can directly expense the payment for whatever portion of business use.
HAHAHA I wonder if half of the people on here know who 2 Chainz is lol...That line is classic

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