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"Yes checking the ATF level is on the list. It's just more involved and requires more planning". Your quote.

You have what certainly sounds like a trans problem, but you are checking rear end fluid which is a waste of time, but you won't do the obvious because it takes to much "planning" and it's involved. Do you have the planning time to get to the bank and withdraw $2500 to make-up for your inability to plan? God, I hate Aamco, but any port in a storm Dude!

Why do you continue to try and have a bad experience? You know something is going on with your car, yet you continue to drive it and tell us all about when it acts right and when it messes-up, and then when it all of a sudden doesn't. Sooner or later it will quit for good and leave you hiogh and dry and you will have no o0ne to thank, but yourself. If you can't afford taking care of a BMW or you don't know how yourself, you better get something cheaper and let someone else fix it. You have tempted fate so many times you must have a very special relationship with the God of your choice. Damn! You act like checking the trans. fluid yourself is a big deal! Don't drive it anymore until you jack the car up high and evenly (or take it to someone with a lift and remove the plug right above your trans oil pan and fluid better run out at you. I bet it doesn't. You could have a battery issue, but doubt that is causing your trans to fail. Check the damn fluid will you and quit driving it until you do! At least you won't destroy your tranny if fluid is FULL all the way. I cannot for the life of me understand why you continue to tempt fate??? Are you hell-bent to ruin it? Stop driving it until you do the basics. Sure it could be alternator. Sure it could be battery. Sure it could be ignition switch. Could be tranny line pulled apart too! You seem very hesitant to slow down and take care of your business before your business is FUBAR.

Your voltages definitely look whacked, but you know what? Nothing you can do will likely make it not need R&R if it's electrical. What you are doing potentially to your trans. is a totally different matter. It may still be good, but just *if* it is low on fluid, you are going to ruin it-bye bye tranny and probably $2500 MINIMUM. Rent a car! This should have been resolved in 2 days max. with you NOT driving it as soon as it talked to you telling you it was hurting. You spend too much time worrying about whether you get a transfail light or not. Who cares? Get it looked at by a competent indy. If you don't know one in your area, ask if anyone knows one near __________. If I personally read anymore about you continuing to drive it, I would stop trying to help you. Sorry.

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