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Good E9x Hardtop Convertibles

Hello All. My first post here. About 3 weeks ago my (paid for) E46 330 Ci Convertible was totaled and my wife wants another Convertible. However, I've read herein some horror stories about stuck and/or leaking E9x Hardtop Convertibles. I even saw the U-Tube video of the guy in SC showing his 335 leaking (badly) in a carwash.

So here's my question. How many of you have GOOD (properly articulating and nonleaking) Hardtop Convertible BMW 335's??

Generally, those that exhibit problems on internet are the tails of the distribution (statistically speaking) and so its hard to determine the real extent of a problem (again statistically).

What I'd really like to know is how many experience NO PROBLEM.

A leaking, non-atriculating roof to me is a show-stopper. I had a Z3 before the 330 and both were ragtops....and neither ever leaked for failed. If the problem with the E9x is really extensive....I'll look for another E46 (maybe a M3).

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