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Originally Posted by wag-zhp View Post
It could be considered flirting (or bordering on seduction, depending on what happens next). While I am OK with innocent flirtation, what you have described would raise my eyebrow.
Ah, sorry about that. I read your last question and answered it.

So, yes he is flirting, and no that is not acceptable.

He's going too far. There's just a little more that can happen there before it is full on sex relationship. He is putting a lot of hints out there and all she needs to do is respond in like, or send a picture of herself instead of the mixer, and he's going to go all over her offering sex and her accepting.

I look at it this way. Husband A is putting an open invitation out for her. Not only that, but he keeps on reinforcing it. It's like a salesman who keeps calling you for something, and at some point, she is going to say yes. Ask yourself this: if she says yes, is he going to say "OH NO! I was only kidding all this time! I love my wife and never cheat on her"? Or is he going to accept?

He is going to accept. I can bet on that. And if he is going to accept, then ask yourself, why is he keeping on asking and flirting?

The guy is a douche.

Oh, and one more thing. I don't call THAT what you describe "flirting". Flirting is very subtle. What he is doing is a full WOT passes on her.
Not sure why the post became mine when it's you (matwiz) who responded it... a bug in the forum?

Thanks for the responses, Husband B told me Wife B did indeed send pictures to Husband A, at least those that he's aware of anyway, as Wife B was "open" about her chats with Husband A and most of the conversation she initiated (again, those that Husband B is aware of) are just subjects about what's been happening... ALTHOUGH occasionally Wife B sends pictures of what she wears to work that day which got Husband B worried.

Couple A are the religious ones, I see them posting pictures of their daughter praying and bible study on facebook. Being and outsider I have no idea if Wife A knows any of these exchanges, neither does Husband B when I asked him about it. Husband B and I were pretty close in college, but the 5 of us are all friends together, so that's what makes it a sticky situation. If I made any bad comments, the whole thing could turn ugly.

It shows how poor judgement on one can interrupt 2 families eh?

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