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Originally Posted by Griffoun View Post
Recently a college friend of mine ran into the situation so I'm looking to the festers for wisdom...

There're 2 married couples, they're all friends from the same college, they all know each other, and I know the 4 of them. Husband A exchanges text with Wife B quite frequently and sometimes asks wife B what she's wearing that day. Husband A texts something like "Good morning sweety", "Why wear turtleneck? I like your neck", "Why do you send me a pic of the new mixer, I'd like to see more of you".

I think (based on the words from Husband B anyway) that Husband A has been flirting with Wife B. What do you think? Is it flirting, and if so, is it acceptable to you if you were in Husband B's shoe?
Husband A is a total douche and deserves a serious beat down, one he'll never forget. At the same time Husband B needs to re-evaluate his relationship with Wife B, because she's at fault too. If she had nibbed it in the butt from get-go he wouldn't have come this far. She's fully aware of his straight forward sexual innuendos and flirtings yet seems like she continues to text him - only means one thing - she's welcoming it.
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