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Originally Posted by Griffoun View Post
Not sure why the post became mine when it's you (matwiz) who responded it... a bug in the forum?

Thanks for the responses, Husband B told me Wife B did indeed send pictures to Husband A, at least those that he's aware of anyway, as Wife B was "open" about her chats with Husband A and most of the conversation she initiated (again, those that Husband B is aware of) are just subjects about what's been happening... ALTHOUGH occasionally Wife B sends pictures of what she wears to work that day which got Husband B worried.

Couple A are the religious ones, I see them posting pictures of their daughter praying and bible study on facebook. Being and outsider I have no idea if Wife A knows any of these exchanges, neither does Husband B when I asked him about it. Husband B and I were pretty close in college, but the 5 of us are all friends together, so that's what makes it a sticky situation. If I made any bad comments, the whole thing could turn ugly.

It shows how poor judgement on one can interrupt 2 families eh?
It does, doesn't it?

If I was husband B, I would blow the whole thing off. I would talk to HIS wife. Then I would talk to HIS church minister, "asking for his advice and interference". I wouldn't even talk to him, since I think he is just going to laugh and wave it off like husband A is a loser for thinking it, and will continue with what he's doing. Better to blow up the whole thing in his and his wife's faces, to make him back off.

I don't buy into that "he's religious" stuff. I have seen too many fraud done by religious people. In fact, acting out on their repressed (by their religion) personality. We all know the stories about those Catholic girls, right?

Oh, I fixed your post.
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