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Originally Posted by DMAN_CT View Post
Yes, it happens only to the M sport package. Just look at the links that I have posted here. This problem starts right away and it's very noticeable at 500 miles or less if you drive in the North East. After 2000-3000 miles wheel arches, rocker panels, etc. have to be repainted. Even BMW of NA has acknowledged the fact that there is a problem. That is how they came up with the stone guard kit with 3m film. However, they don't install it at the factory. It looks like most dealers don't want to install if for free but all of them repaint the car and install this kit after the damage is already done. It doesn't make sense to me.
I haven't read the link you provided yet but have any of THEM gotten BMW to cover the repair costs? I actually WANTED the painted fender flares but we can't even order them on the Diesel models. The 3M paint would not protect them anyway as the rocks would come up from the ground and hit the INSIDE of those flares. Obviously, you could always ask for the plain ole un-painted plastic ones I our X5 Diesels come with. In fact, if yours is Sapphire black, I'd be happy to swap with you and your problem would go away.. LOL

Personally, protective paint treatments are (and have ALWAYS been) 100% up to the buyer/owner. There are a number of logical reasons for this but here are the two most important. SOME 3M style films have been known to discolor and can look ever worse a number of years down the road. BMW does NOT warrant ANY 3rd-party installed components so if they added them to the vehicle at their cost, they could be pursued later for complications related to those products. Bottom line is you can either re-order another non-M or do it yourself. Suck it up cup cake!

edited: I now see the problem. Apparently it is the FRONT wheel drive kicking stones, rocks and other road debris onto the REAR rocker panels that is the problem. It appears that this is happening to people up north who drive "enthusiastically" which may be why it's not an issue with the Diesels? Either way, it does look like one or two "may" have gotten BMW to cover the first repaint in those threads and if you already had those threads, not certain why you were asking the same thing again in another bimmerfest thread as you will most likely simply get the same answer. It also looks like those who used the thicker 14mm 3M film report the problem being solved but those who used an inferior or thinner film saw the issue repeated even with film on the trucks.

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