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My '06 325i has had similar symptoms (occasional spots of oil under the car) for about a year now. I put it on a lift about 7 months ago to change oil/inspect the underside and really couldn't tell EXACTLY where the "oil" was coming from. Moved to DC recently and took it to a BMW dealer for "scheduled" maintenance (rear brake pads, oil change) and learned that my oil filter housing gasket and oil pan gasket was leaking, causing the drops of oil I was seeing on the driveway. In my case I am not losing any oil based on the level indicator I routinely check via the "oil check" stalk on the left side of the steering column. The quoted price of $1300 to replace those two gaskets is ridiculous to me given the miniscule amount of oil leakage, but I do plan to replace those gaskets. I just won't pay BMW to do the work; I'll use an independent shop or do it myself. Your indication of "ounces" is more significant so I'd be anxious to get the gaskets replaced sooner rather than later.
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