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I posted this two days ago. I have an 2001 X5, 101K miles .I had the same problem, like it's stuck in 1st gear then after 4-5 seconds, will drive Ok. Only happens from stop. So I drove for 45 minutes to work, in traffic no problem. When i exited from the freeway, from a stop light, I switched to manual , i think its called triptronic(?). Anyway, I drove for 3 miles to our parking lot and when i switched off the engine, the Transmission Fail Prog showed up from display panel. i thought that's it for my tranny. I made preparation to leave early as I may need help towing it home. When I started the X5 4 hours later, everything appears to be working OK. I also observed that before this happened, on an uphill, when I put it on cruise, it revved up between 2500-3000 rpm. But no problem then with "limping" at 1st gear. So what happened? I can only deduct that perhaps the transmission module reset itself? I was thinking of changing the ATF but its running OK now so not sure if I want to do it now. I hear two opposing views. Just thought I'd post this in case someone else experienced the same result. Im driving the X5 now on a "leisurely" more pedal on the metal at start time.
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