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Consumer Reports admit you're an ass. Now we're making progress.

I do not whine. I state my case, and if the answer is no, I decide whether to continue to do business with that source. Others may or may not wish to take my experience into consideration, or act or not act as I do. No two sets of circumstances are necessarily alike, and no two individuals will necessarily react in similar manner. It's ok...really. I do not hold myself up as a paragon of virtue, nor do I feel that I am right all the time. I am open to civil discussion, and am more than willing to learn from others. But, having said that, I am human, and tend to react in accord with the content of a post, for example, by which I mean its tone.

If someone says, "I disagree, and feel you are wrong in your position, and here is how and why I feel that way...," I'm "all ears." God is not through with me yet. I am far from perfect in many ways.

Having said that, please note that I do not expect any firm to kowtow to me, or do or give me whatever I want when I want it. Nobody gets that. I do, however, make decisions based on my analysis of what works and/or doesn't work for me and those who are important to me, and how I am treated, as I think most of us (I can't speak for you) do.

As to Wrongway's example of the two like houses, and in speaking of "alike," I went out of my way to emphasize in my example that they were identical in every aspect and respect other than in the number of bedrooms.

He then deliberately twisted and distorted that hypothetical by saying, "Well, mine might have copper piping while yours might have plastic, so they obviously won't cost the same," or one has a pool while the other doesn't, or words to that effect, attempting to do so to prove his point, even though his analogy or scenario has nothing whatsoever to do with mine, and was in no way responsive. How it could it have been, as he had completely changed the facts as I proposed them! Of course he is correct in stating that when two houses are vastly dissimilar they will not cost the same! But that was not my premise! Again, my hypothetical involved two homes that were exactly the same...both new, same view, same everything except for the number of bedrooms!

So, class, an X35i is to an X28i as (a) A three-bedroom house is to an identical two-bedroom house, apart from the number of bedrooms, or (b) A ten-bedroom house is to a three-bedroom house?

What's that, Mr. Toad? Answer (b)? Wok-wok-waaah! Oh, I'm so sorry, Mr.'ve taken another wild ride, and are off the reservation.


At least as I see it, Wrongway's revisionist history is more akin to comparing a 7-Series vehicle to a 1-series rather than an X35i to an X28i. Yes, I know that the engines and other features are different, but I would find it odd if the X28i was equipped with a premium radio while the X35i was not, and so forth. I know that many things and considerations go into the decision-making process, and I fully admit that I know nothing of what leads to them and that I do not believe that I am to be consulted in such.

I do, however, have the right to express my opinion that it is, at least to me, unexplainable, and that it irritates me (OK...pisses me off). Again, why not supply the connector to both...or neither? I do acknowledge Wrongway's point that the connection set-up in the X28i may differ from that in the X35i...I simply don't know if that is so, though I doubt it. Maybe it differs depending upon how each stereo is configured. I do know, however, that the cable is included with one, namely in the wrong one. Just my opinion. And I remain of the opinion and position, however much of a dick Wrongway thinks I am for feeling that it would have been so very simple for BMW to have spent the $10 or whatever it would have cost them in return for making me happy. That's all. No tantrums. No holding my breath. No nuthin' other than my being disappointed. That's it.

Regardless of my viewpoint and however many character flaws I might have, I don't think that it was a good business decision on their part. If I had to grit my teeth and spend X in return for a return of 500X on one unit of business (if not multiples of that 500X)...well, you get the picture. seems to me that Wrongway's logic is so wanting and his repeatedly being clobbered by being called out on it yet coming back for more reminds me of a toy I had when I was a kid, called "Puncho." It was a large plastic clown, weighted on the bottom with sand, so that when you bopped it in the nose, it went down, but would pop back up, tirelessly asking for more. It never learned, nor, apparently, does he.

Rather than keep his thoughts to himself, beginning with "You're not a car person," or something like that, and then escalating to wildly inaccurate statements about temper tantrums, whining and entitlement on my part, based on nothing, he repeatedly ends up in a swamp or cesspool of smegma of his own creation. What he gets out of that continued masochistic need is beyond me, but it must fill some perverse void.

I continue to believe that customers or clients who patronize a business on a regular basis and who spend more with or in it have a reasonable expectation of a degree of recognition. Wrongway disagrees, which is his right. Many, though admittedly not all businesses, agree with the former.

And, by the way, when I spoke to BMW and then to my dealership after BMW said, in essence, "Tough luck," I did so quietly and politely, as people are people, and respond to calm rather than to shouting or to people who are jerks. Wrongway wasn't there, and can choose to believe me or matters less than zero to me.

Today contained another example of the difference between what you seem to have pictured my behavior to be and its reality. I asked for a favor from an airline agent, and a few hours later received a call from her in which I was told that it what t I had asked for wasn't possible. I simply said, "Thanks...I know you tried, and would have done it if you could." End of story. I am not looking for a merit badge, but, as Wrongway doesn't know me, it's nothing if not bizarre that he professes the opposite, which has led him to a distorted view of my persona, indicating that I "whine" or throw child-like tantrums when and whenever I don't get my way. Ain't so, Joe.

What is really going on here seems to be rather clear...Wrongway recognizes himself in the manner in or with which he portrays me, and it bothers and torments him so that he has to lash out at me, investing in me the very things within himself that he finds so very painful if not hated, as it is so much easier to kick the dog, as it were, than to face the truth in one's self and then deal with it. It's even stranger that he thinks that he can somehow divine how I present myself, which is a rather remarkable feat.

I also note that Wrongway did not dispute my observation that others who know him well or best have no doubt said many of the things that I have, but, rather than plumb (get it?) those depths, segues into discussions of copper versus plastic piping, off-point analogies about pools, 10 bedroom vs. 3-bedroom homes, along with self-admitted infantile mockery (very, very nice...though a brief ray of self-truth) and finger-pointing.

Projection and displacement are powerful defense mechanisms. Using terms like "whining," "tantrums," etc. are so transparent at their essence that it would be laughable were it not so very sad.

But I'm done

It's a good topic for what I have no doubt will be our next session, but I see that our time is up for today.

By the way, my iPod is the "Classic" model, I believe, though I also have a Nano, series or version 7. As I told you earlier, my car has Nav and the Premium Stereo Package, but I really don't know if its components are by H-K or some other brand. I am sorry...I just don't know the answer to that.

But I feel that it is best for me to simply acknowledge that Wrongway and I disagree, and to simply end our correspondence.

I wish him well, in the spirit of the upcoming holidays, and if in my earlier or original post I came across as petulant or off-putting, I apologize to all readers of our discourse for my part in it, whatever it might be, as tone or intent cannot jump off the printed page. It was not my intent to offend.

It is time to end this, as it is accomplishing nothing. It is odd how this grew from my comments about my experience with BMW and my mentioning Consumer Reports' data concerning the X35i to this. The latter reliability survey findings (uh...not mine) in particular seem to have been lost. Somebody must be having issues with the model, no? Don't shoot the messenger, OK? And as hard as it may be to believe, I really DO enjoy driving my car, though I have had problems with it, such as it lurching from a stop, with gears seeming to "rev," and a drifting to the right, with both having been refractory to many visits to the dealership. Both problems are hardly unknown, based on multiple posts, and it may well be my frustration that led to my reaction to the connector cable issue. It's possible, I guess.


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