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Originally Posted by PropellerHead View Post
Gentlemen ... Your (sic) advice to help a brand new Bimmer gnurd into the mix is welcome.
Ummm...your time on the forum and amount of posts disqualifies you as a "Bimmer gnurd".

Besides...the e38 & e39 are generational siblings and share the same basic BMW design architecture as well as many of the same parts.

The e38 & e39 share the same front any e39 knowledge you have in this area...carries over to the e38. The 95 e38 may be kind of different (depending on build date) in some areas since it was the first model & year where BMW updated some things from the old generation of e30/e32/e34 models. For instance, the lower plastic seat cover on the early 95 e38s had a slightly different design...but the cover that came later and is common on the rest of the e38/e39 line-up can be retrofitted. For example, the driver's seat switch is the same in both models...and if you go with a seat switch from any 98-up e38/ will get the convenience exit feature where the steering wheel moves up to the highest position when the ignition is turned off...and return to the last position it was in when you insert the key and turn the ignition on.

I agree with the others...instead of trying to deal with LED rear tail lights...just upgrade to either the 99-00 rear tails or the 01 rear tails. The only difference in e38 tails come at the 99 face lift...the 95-98 tails use a different bulb holder which is not swappable into the 99-up tail lights due to the change in the LCM III. But the rear tail light assembly & electrical connections will fit on any e38 from 95-01. Also, the 99-00 & 01 rear tail lights have the "crystallized" treatment versus the "dull" look of the 95-98 rear tail lights. But the 99-00 lights have AMBER turn indicators...where as the 01s have the CLEAR turn indicators. Since many 99-00 owners upgrade to the 01 clear crystallized can find many 99-00 crystallized tails with amber turn indicators...again, either of these styles will give that 95 a nice upgrade...and you may be able to find them at a great price if someone is cleaning out their garage.

The cig lighters...again are very similar to the e39. There is a fuse box in the engine bay (instead of the glovebox) and the rear fuses in the trunk are in the same place as the e39. Each location may have fuses for the cig check both locations to make sure a fuse isn't blown. Then as others suggested...the trim needs to be removed so that the areas below the trim can be cleaned because spilled sugary drinks will leave residue in places that never get cleaned by a simple mopping-up of the liquid on exterior surfaces.

Then GLUE the cupholders shut! Just like the e39...this was BMWs first attempt at built-in cupholders...and though they are over-engineered...they suck as far as being user friendly for the American driver. There was a total disconnect and cultural ignorance as to how cupholders are used here and why we "drink" & drive etc. These first built-in cupholders were designed for small cans or cups (up to approx 12 oz) and to be used while the car is stationary.
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