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Originally Posted by Mark K View Post
Guys, please tell me where exactly do you live when you can say that 528, 535 and even 550 (?!) are underpowered. I sincerely want to move there. Badly.
I'm not really part of this discussion, but this comment caught my attention.

I live in Utah (specifically, Utah county) where the freeway is wide, smooth, and relatively sparse during even rush hour. The canyon roads are smooth, two lanes each way, and leave plenty of room to pass other vehicles and drive as fast as you feel comfortable (both from a safety perspective and an "optional tax" perspective). And also generally, the highways and roads are in fairly good condition.

Additionally, there are several back roads in the mountains that are fairly quiet early in the morning or late in the evening (e.g. the alpine loop on the Sundance side) that have fairly good visibility that allow you the opportunity to live out some of your Rally Racing dreams from your XBOX days.

I grew up in Seattle (actually, Bellevue). To the NE, E, and SE of Bellevue along the Cascades, there are tons of back roads that are unbelievably beautiful that back in my day were less traveled. And they were well maintained. I doubt it is the same today.

Whenever someone on these forums mentions the potholes and crowded roads in their area, I feel bad. I think that would suck and I don't think I would want to live there. Most often where we live is a function of our job, so there are limitations to our ability to leave move.

Here, there is room to open these vehicles up, and it's a pleasure. But obviously, I don't think it is possible to use any of these vehicles to their full potential on city streets and highways. But when someone says their 550 doesn't have enough power, I sort of know what they mean. They mean that while on the freeway in 4th, they want to floor it and blow by people and take advantage of semi-long stretches of empty lane, their car doesn't push them back in their seat enough for this to be as enjoyable as it could be.

Unfortunately, how often these opportunities arise has a lot to do with where you live. Here in Utah, the opportunities are frequent.

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