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Originally Posted by ChrisJ951 View Post
Hi Guys and Girls. This is my first post on this site. I'm an active member of the Porsche forum called Rennlist. I'm in the process of selling my 1986 Porsche 944 Turbo that I have spent a ton building a new motor for. Dyno'd at over 400 rwhp. Anyhow, I love the car but the platform is almost 30 years old and I want something newer.

I had an 07 335i sedan when they first came out and aside from the HPFP problem, it was a great car.

I'm looking at either an 11 or 12 335is or an 08 or 09 M3. They are similar in price. I'd get the DCT because it'll be my daily driver and a traditional manual in metro Atlanta traffic isn't a good choice.

I know a ton about both cars, driven both cars, love both cars. I know there is more potential in the 335is for modifications but the M3 is just a sick car.

I'd like peoples thoughts on what they would do.

Adding more power to the DCT 335iS is easier and cheaper than the M3 DCT. You can always work on the 335iS suspension in making it better than the M3 stock or equivalent

As a DD the DCT 335iS would be more fun to drive because of the low end torque, and cheaper on gas.

Nothing is better than your own building something to your own liking which will have it own unique character cause you semi-built it

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