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Originally Posted by Db750 View Post
Let's get the juvenile "what if's" and "what about's" out of the way. No M3 driver cares. The bottom line is that the 335 CAN NOT DELIVER THE M EXPERIENCE.

As a bmw enthusiast we can not pinpoint one virtue that makes the BMW superior to it's rivals. Rather it's the entire experience that makes the BMW the winner. I love my 335i for what it is, but it will never be an M car.

The M3 satisfies all senses:

Sight: the M3 is sexy; its sleek. The power dome, flared wheel arches, and fender gills mean business.
Sound: the heirarchy of engine notes: V6 (or I or whatever) Touch: the feel of the silky steering wheel and the effortless turn in.
Smell: fine leather hides and burning PSS
Taste: the taste of victory

Short and sweet; buy the M. The 335is is in nice, but at the end of the day the valet will move it to the "main lot" so that the M3 may sit our front.
Interesting list. I like my sleeper look a lot better then flares & side vents like a Ford Taurus. My exterior mods are all very subtle, smoked reflectors & side marker lights that complement the gray paint. Engine noise is a nice feature & the IS muffler system does a nice job. Smell if that's important to you I guess its nice but did not notice it during my M3 test drive weekend. Moving to the Taste of Victory I love my 6-0 against a collection of M3's.

Interesting thing is I have never challenged an M3 but they seem to see the IS logos & just have to put down the upstart. One V8 M3 driver after a few 40 to 110 runs in Mexico refused to believe that I did not have major engine modifications till he bought my some coffee, checked out the car & had a 100% stock down to the air cleaner engine compartment looking back at him. No CAI, no Meth, no Downpipes no nothing visable. The JB4 sits inside the ECU coffen with only the lap top connection showing.

BuraQs IS is about 1/2 second quicker then mine & with a good run should he get into the high 11 second range. As far as I know he has some basic mods but nothing as potent as a meth injection system. Taken into context at Drag Time he would be about number 24 on the M3 list right up with the $10K supercharger M3's & my JB4 + FMIC car would be number 44 out of 117 M3's listed

At the end of the day the thoughts of a parking valet are of no consequence to me & feel bad for someone who needs the validation of a car parker.

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