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E93: Does our battery have an eye to indicate status [SOLVED]

== Resolution Update ==

The rough running was solved by installing an Autozone 94R-DLG. Battery light no longer shows and the car runs very smooth after cold starts now + the transmission no longer makes really rough changes in the first few miles.

Dealer attempted to fix using the part numbers which made no difference:
New Battery cable, negative, IBS (12427603567 $ 217.24)
New Adapter for IBS (12517615476 $52.37)
New Adapter lead IBS (61129123571 $13.27)

The original battery would show green in its eye after being charged with a CTEK. Typically it would run fine on the next start but then be back to square one with the eye showing black.


This a 2009 E93 with 11K miles on, I've done 700 of those including one long weekend trip.

Since picking it up the yellow battery light shows when parked with the engine stopped (appears in ~60->120 seconds).

The car has been into the dealer twice already for this and other issues. Only the battery problem remains; it often runs rough when starting in a morning and as stated above the yellow battery light shows.

Today I accessed the battery -boy are these big batteries!-. I was hoping to see an eye to check the status like all other cars have these days but did not see one. Is there one under the red module?

With a multi-meter I checked the voltage after burning the headlights for ten seconds. It measured 11.72V. This sounds like an almost dead battery right? Any idea what the dealership needs to replace under warranty? I don't want to go in again with no result. I'd just pop in a new $110 WalMart battery myself to save hassle but have read a special AGM battery is required and needs registering with the car. Apparently this is to make the batteries last longer...

My commute is only 3.6 miles but all my other cars have been fine + we did a really long trip one weekend and it happened the Monday following.

Six Euro Deliveries since December 1998 (Owned E46, E90, E91, E92 and E93)

28 vehicles in 26 years of driving so far. Guess I like cars

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