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Originally Posted by cordoor View Post

Additionally, there are several back roads in the mountains that are fairly quiet early in the morning or late in the evening (e.g. the alpine loop on the Sundance side) that have fairly good visibility that allow you the opportunity to live out some of your Rally Racing dreams from your XBOX days.

I don't play racing games on an XBOX - I don't own an XBOX. I do, however, go to the track occasionally with my car (the one in sig picture).

I only drive this car when there's no other drivers on the road (evenings in summer and weekends year around). Yes, on twisty roads through woods - we have them here. And I still think it is overpowered. For driving in traffic (any kind of traffic) it is ridiculously overpowered.

We really don't have that much horrible traffic around here and I learned all backroads to stay out of the worst of it. However, you cannot pretend to never have anybody in the front of you at the intersection or whenever the traffic is forced to stop. That's when the problems arise. When 99% of drivers around me learn what the rightmost pedal is actually used for, then it will be a different story. Mind you, it is not about going fast, but getting to 40 mph in less than 1/2 mile. For that kind of "standard" acceleration rate that 99% of the drivers apply, even 520d is way overpowered. Just as I said in my first post.


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