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Originally Posted by jkess114 View Post
Well to save myself a full re-read here, I'll just say, if you put back in what you got out AND your car was running well before hand, I think there should be no strangeness post surgery. I only brought up the 4 quarts because it sounded as if you were unsure whether your car had someone futzing with your transmission prior to your working on it. It was in that case, that I wondered if someone didn't get enough fluid back in and was causing a noise you had a hard time putting your finger on.

To be frank, I don't know how much really should go in the damn thing or not, only that as it worked out for me, I had a car that was warm, not hot, got five quarts out and five quarts in and everything seems hunky dory. This is far from scientific, and the science-side of my brain is not being too nice to me for not have definitive answers, but the car several days later seems quite happy.


I was actually having the problem in the morning with the RPM's going up and down a couple hundred RPM's and that is now completely gone. I didn't measure how much came out, I would have liked to but the shop who's lift I used didn't have anything to measure with so we just drained. The car was warm and would only take 4 qts after starting it and going through the gears, etc. I have since bought a new drain plug which ended up having a new trans pan attatched to it (Ordered the plug, they sent the whole pan) so even though the pan looks new I am goinng to replace the pan and redo the fluid. I have 7 qts left, so I'll let you know how it goes, but just with the 4 new qts of Redline D4 I have noticed a considerable difference. Shifting is much nicer, no more RPM problems and searching in the morning and the car doesn't seem to always want to upshift and keep the RPM's at 1200RPM and bogging like it did before. It will hold the gears a little longer now, which seems normal to me.
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