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Originally Posted by henrycyao View Post
I wonder how many X5 that had idler pulley bolt problem before they discovered this to be a quality problem? I don't see too many post here talking about this issue. That does seem strange to me.
Having issued and managed a few worldwide recalls, there are a few thing going on with a recall.

First, the company comes to understand there is a problem- they try and determine the cause of the problem, AND determine which units might be affected. What is the definitive fix, which units need to be recalled? When you issue a recall you want to only do it ONCE. Worse than a recall is an expansion of a recall, or needing to re-recall because you didnt get the fix right. (read BMW Diesel emissions/SCR)

Often times it is difficult to understand when the issue really started- perhaps you KNOW there is a problem NOW, but when DID the vendor change that bolt? when DID they stop using the proper threadlocker??? I may take some effort to be able to definitively draw a line as to when the issue began.

BMW may be taking this action now - this stop sale- with all units in stock, simply because they are SURE these are affected- and they can ensure no cars are sold 'into' a recall. But they are waiting to really understand the scope before issuing the specific recall with affected VINs.


I do agree that nobody has reported this as an issue.
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