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Originally Posted by DJBass View Post
Great News Guys!
And BTW...your photos of your Cabs are gorgeous. You're helping me to get off the dime (or tens of thousands as it were) on my purchase decision.
Photos to follow....

Originally Posted by DJBass View Post
But what Mfg Dates are Pre and Post LCI?? Gotta know dat data nugget.
IN 2010 they did the LCI, so any E93 2010 and older is Pre-LCI. 2011 and newer are LCI. I think.

Originally Posted by CALWATERBOY View Post
Let's mention cargo capacity.

E93's top consumes a major part of truck space, leaving little....what remains is not real easy to access.

So, we flip the rear seatback down - it's carpeted in back. Rear seat's now a spacious parcel & luggage shelf. Top down it's much more convenient than truck space - if you consider yer E93 as an extended wheelbase roadster you got it - only a masochist would want rear seating in this car. OTOH, dogs love it!
Never had the dog in there, but yes, the folding back seat is awesome. And trunk space isn't too bad for a convertible. You can get 2 21" rolling bags under the divider in the there (look for bags that are 9" or less wide). And if the divider is up, lots of room.

Originally Posted by CALWATERBOY View Post
If E93, ya gotta have the wind deflector.
Expensive but otherwise big big big benefit.
Completely agree. Look for a used one on eBay or other BMW boards with active buy/sell activity.

Originally Posted by beden1 View Post
The E93 has very little wind noise and highway thumping with the top down compared to most other convertibles I've driven. I still can't see the need for the wind deflector.
It does have very little turbulence and noise, but with the windscreen it's even better. My wife has very long hair, and with the windscreen up even if she doesn't have it pulled back it doesn't blow around, and with it not in place or down it blows over her face.

And when it's cold, you can put the windows up, turn on the bun warmers and you have less wind effect than a regular sunroof.

Originally Posted by CALWATERBOY View Post
Ah. Island or warmth on cooler days. Able to converse at speed. Turbulence abatement. Keeps a screen over the back seat.
Originally Posted by captainaudio View Post
Have you driven your car with and without it? I definitely notice a difference and so does Ms. Audio.
Yes, indeed.

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